Renewable energy

Renewable energy is the use of natural resources such as wind and solar energy, tides as well as geothermal and renewable permanently.

Important activities for new and renewable energy:

Wind energy

The company continued to benefit from the wind energy in the production of electric power from the power plants of Houfa and Ibrahimia, where the amount of electricity sold (3.25) GW. Which contributed to the reduction of the cost of electricity production at the stations of the company value (155.015) dinars.


The Biogas Company (50% owned by the Electricity Generating Company and the Greater Amman Municipality) continues to implement its plans and programs for the year 2016 aiming to achieve the highest levels of production services of electrical energy and environmental services by extracting the largest amount of gas produced by organic / (3661754) cubic meters of methane during 2016 and thus reducing its emission. The total operating hours of the generation units in the company were (641,997) working hours and the amount of energy generated for 2016 is about (3366) MWh. Clean the disposal of a total of 100 thousand tons of carbon dioxide in the first phase, which runs from 9/12/2009 to 31/12/2012 and a total of 115 thousand tons of carbon dioxide in the second phase, which extends from 1 / 1/2013 to 31/12/2017 and to benefit from the revenues of these carbon emissions within the Convention on Climate Change.

"The total of biogas extracted from landfill since the beginning of the project 6/2000 until 31/12/2016 is 77811445 cubic meters and the amount of energy produced since the project started until 31/12/2016 is 104784 MW.