Learning and Development


  • support the vision, strategy, and the Strategic Plan of the Organization, through the training, development, and education of its staff. it will provide the opportunities for staff need to gain the behavior, knowledge, and skill to achieve the organization’s vision and its strategy in achieving its operational and financial goals.
  • To ensure that staff are properly trained in the skills they need to carry out their present jobs at a quality and safety standards acceptable to CEGCO
  • To ensure that staff are provided with the skills they may need for changes in the way jobs are carried out and Keeps them updated with Legislation and regulations
  • To ensure that staff are encouraged to develop their skills and talents to enable them to progress within CEGCO and reach their full potential

This can be achieved by providing a professional development services and training opportunities for individuals and departments and to ensure that the resources invested in training are targeted at areas where training and development is needed and a positive return on the investment is guaranteed.