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·         CEGCO has developed within its vision achieving the best standards and practices in the field of occupational safety, health and environment (HSE) for the protection of its employees, the provision of the best convenient atmosphere and the preserve of the environment.


·          CEGCO has assured through its declared (HSE) policy on working to achieve the conformity and harmonization with the best practices and standards related to (HSE) in managing the different operational activities of the company through emphasizing that (HSE) is part of the functional duties for each employee and by identifying sources and causes of danger in the work environment while developing plans and programs to address these causes, in addition to enhance the awareness and provide specialized training in the field of (HSE) to all employees and guests, as well as to provide continuous control over the work activities, to write reports of (HSE) and to monitor the performance indicators and the advancement level towards the set out goals.


·         Year 2012 has witnessed a noticeable and clear advancement at the level of managing (HSE) in the company represented in improving the cadre and assigning special employees to follow up the implementation of (HSE) system in the company and through developing policies and procedures that regulate the work process and maintain the health and safety of the employees and the environment, in addition to developing plans and programs aim to promote the performance and achievement levels in this field.


·         This year was also distinguished of providing training programs specialized in (HSE) for a large number of employees in order to provide them with the necessary information and experiences in the field of (HSE) and in order to spread awareness and enhance the culture of safety and the environment for all employees. however, the most important specialized training courses that were held are:

1.       The International certificate course in occupational health and safety (IGCOSH)

according to the curriculum of National British board for occupational safety and

health and 7 members of the HSE department in the company have participated.

2.      The behavioral safety and Safety Leadership course, 5 of the station managers of

CEGCO have participated.

3.       Scaffold Safety courses, 20 employees of the company have participated.

Annual Report 2012

·          (HSE) campaign has been launched in the company under the patronage of H. H Chief executive officer and executive operation’ manger from 10/09/2013 in Rehab power station and ATPS and Marka Generating station, and the campaign will continue through the beginnings of 2013 in the different sites of the company . The campaign has included directive speeches from the high executive management and presentation for achievement and ambitions in the field of (HSE) in addition to video films addressed the (HSE) issues as well as introductory presentations of statistics and data related to the performance of (HSE) in the company during 2012 and the work plan of 2013. Moreover, the campaign also included distributing souvenirs to the employeesand guests.


·         A comprehensive (HSE) audit has been implemented by experts from ACWA Power Company on the main sites of the company to Benefit from their experience in this field, where the light was shed through a report on the achievement on the grounds of reality and the intended objectives in the field of (HSE) to meet the international standards and specifications in this field.


·          The isolation of hazardous energy sources procedure (LOTO) has begun its implementation in all stations, which one of the major safety procedures that aim to maintain the safety of the workers during the maintenance works on equipment’s and systems, where the procedure has been written and distributed in addition to the conduction of training before its application, and a unified form for work permission has been printed and distributed to all the company sites. As well as equipment’s and devices has been bought to start the application, in addition to the work on the control measures to monitor the extent of commitment to such procedure.


·          The applied No -smoking policy has been reviewed in a way ensures the complete implementation of the policy, where the company has declared all sites as free-smoking areas except for specific smoking areas, which are designated in each site, and the employees are committed to the policy in all sites except for the rare violations, which were handled according to the policy.


·          Conduction of medical tests for the stations’ employees (lungs efficiency and hearing level tests), where more than 500 employees from all sites were examined in order to maintain the employees’ health especially those who work in dangerous areas and are more subjected to high levels of gases and noise than others aiming to meet the local stipulated legislation and instruction in the Jordanian labor law. CEGCO will pay attention for those segments whose results indicated the need to follow up in order to identify the connection between these results with the different work location.